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Have you had hair treatments that left you feeling dissatisfied with the results? Maybe you’ve tried going to a local salon but ended up with a poor cut or colour. Or maybe you have experimented with hair kits designed for use in the comfort of your own home but were unhappy with the end result.

If that’s the case, you should probably think about getting your hair done at Hair Retreat in Bendigo. Thankfully, Hair Retreat provides high-quality, expert hair services every time. We have a top-notch staff of stylists that are well-versed in a variety of styles, and use only the finest materials.

The Best Hair Salons in Bendigo

Hair Retreat is a top-rated hair salon in Bendigo that offers a comprehensive range of hair care services, from haircuts and styling to colouring and treatments.

Getting the hairstyle you desire requires the expertise of a professional. If you visit a reputable hair salon such as Hair Retreat, you can be certain that you will get a service that is specifically designed for you. Our talented stylists will know exactly what to do with your hair, regardless of its texture or colour, and how to make it look its best using a variety of tools and methods. In addition, we utilise premium products that are designed to nurture and preserve your hair while yet maintaining that “just cut” feel and look.

At Hair Retreat, our professional stylists are well-versed in all the most up-to-date methods and styles, allowing them to tailor a unique cut and colour to each customer. Highlights, balayage, ombre, etc. are just some of the individualised colour services we provide, and we craft stunning styles without causing any unnecessary harm to your hair. Whether you’re looking for a fade, layers, bob, pixie, or shag, our stylists can give you the cut you want.

Contact us at (03) 5443 4245, through email at info@hairretreat.com.au, or in person at 15a Retreat Road, Flora Hill, Bendigo Vic 3550 to set up an appointment today

The Hair Services You’ll Need

Here at Hair Retreat, we know how important it is for our clients to feel good about how they look, therefore we provide only the highest quality hair treatments. Whether you want a basic trim or a more intricate style like balayage, our team of skilled stylists has the knowledge and skill to serve you. These are a few of the hair care services we provide.

Haircuts & Colour

Both men and women may get services including colouring and haircuts at Hair Retreat. They may receive a Clipper Cut, Restyle, Express Cut, Trim & Blow Wave, or Men’s Haircut. Hair Retreat provides a wide variety of colouring choices, including Toner, Touch-up, Tint Regrowth and Through Ends, up to 10 Foils, and Tint Regrowth/Through Ends. We’re also the place to go if you want to try something new and exciting, like Vivids or Balayage Maintenance/With Tint treatments.

Blowouts and Hairstyling

A trip to the salon isn’t complete without getting your hair blown out. Hair Retreat provides services such as Quick Curls/Straighten and Upstyles in addition to their weekly Blow Wave service. Our skilled hairstylists will make sure your cut complements your features and style.

Perms & Treatments

If you’re bored with your current haircut, why not get a perm? You can get the volume and height you’ve always wanted by choosing between their Top Perm and Perm services. Whether you’ve bleached your hair and need to restore its natural shine or you’ve damaged your hair and want to repair it, the Basin Treatment and K18 Therapy may help. They also provide Brazil Cacau Smoothing, a smoothing treatment, for those who are interested.

Wedding Hair Services

Here at Hair Retreat, we know how significant the wedding day preparations are to you. That’s why, starting with the bride’s hair preparation and extending to the rest of the wedding party, we deliver services of the highest calibre designed to ease the burden and worry of the big day. If you want to appear your very best on your wedding day, our specialised staff offers everything you need. We’ve got you covered whether you want your hair up, down, straight, or curly. Come in now to start making your wedding day preparations.

Reasons to Invest in Professional Hair Salon Services in Bendigo

There are many benefits to visiting a professional hair salon, whether you’re a die-hard proponent of at-home haircuts or a beauty connoisseur who enjoys staying on top of the newest trends in hair care. It’s not only more convenient to receive frequent trims and treatments in a salon, but you also get a number of other advantages from doing so.

Expert Hairstylists

Going to a salon where the stylists are trained professionals gives you peace of mind. Expert hairstylists know how to handle diverse hair textures and lengths, and they have been trained in the correct use of cutting and styling instruments like scissors and clippers. They also keep up with the most recent fashions and methods so they can give you suggestions on what will look good on you even if you have no idea what you’re looking for.

Tailored Service

The treatments you get at a professional salon will always be customised to meet your unique requirements. Before commencing the procedure, your stylist will work with you one-on-one to discuss any preferences you may have about the hair’s length, texture, colour, or style. While providing recommendations, they will take into account details like your face shape, lifestyle, and upkeep needs. This facilitates the process of designing a style that is unique to you while yet fitting your character and routine.

High-Quality Products & Tools

To achieve long-lasting effects with little harm to the hair, professional salons exclusively use high-quality products and equipment. Moreover, these salons generally include premium products from industry leaders to help clients maintain their looks in between visits and experiment with new looks on their own. If you invest in higher-quality items and equipment, you won’t have to waste as much time addressing problems.

A Chance to Unwind

Getting your hair done at a salon is a great way to treat yourself to a little me time. Services like scalp massages, hot towel treatments, and aromatherapy sessions should be standard at every high-quality salon. You might save money and time by doing it yourself, but you’d be missing out on the tiny perks that come with going to a professional salon.

The Latest Trends

The stylists at a professional salon are aware of what’s new in the world of hairstyling. The odds are high that your hairdresser is up-to-date on the latest trends in hair colour, haircuts, and styling. To have a new and improved style for your next outing, all you have to do is schedule an appointment at your neighbourhood salon and let the stylists work their magic.

Check Out Hair Retreat Today

When you visit Hair Retreat, you can expect nothing less than the best service. With years of expertise under our belts, the talented hair stylists at our salon know how to trim and colour hair to perfection, and we also know how vital it is to hear what the customer has to say before getting to work. We also utilise high-quality products that are formulated for your hair type, so you can be certain that your hair will be both healthy and well-cared for during the process.


At The Hair Retreat, you’ll find a warm welcome and the chance to unwind in the hands of trained professionals. We value our dedicated team members and customers equally, thus we never settle for mediocrity. Eleven Australia and NAK Hair, two Australian businesses, provide us with cruelty-free and environmentally friendly hair care products that we package in recyclable materials. Both Vegan and paraben-free options are available. Come be a part of the family at The Hair Retreat, a place that has been helping people feel and look their best for over 55 years.


To schedule an appointment or to know more about our services, you can contact us at (03) 5443 4245, through email at info@hairretreat.com.au, or in person at 15a Retreat Road, Flora Hill, Bendigo Vic 3550.

About Bendigo, Victoria

Bendigo, which is located in Victoria, Australia, is a pleasant city that has great vistas and a variety of activities. It is nestled amid the hills of the state. Just 150 kilometres away from Melbourne, it is simple to see why this valley has become such a well-liked vacation spot for people from all over the world.


Places Worth Visiting

  • Golden Dragon Museum, located at 1/11 Bridge St, 3550
  • Bendigo Art Gallery, located at 42 View St, 3550
  • Rosalind Park, located at 30 Gaol Rd, 3550
  • Bendigo Bowling Centre, located at 159 Hargreaves St, 3550
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral, located at MacKenzie St, 3550
  • Alexandra Fountain, located at Charing Cross, 3550
  • Ulumbarra Theatre, located at 10 Gaol Rd, 3550
  • Poppet Head Lookout, located at 30 Gaol Rd, 3550
  • Camp Hill Playspace, located at 83 Bull St, 3550
  • Bendigo Military Museum, located at 37-39 Pall Mall 3550

Contact us at (03) 5443 4245, through email at info@hairretreat.com.au, or in person at 15a Retreat Road, Flora Hill, Bendigo Vic 3550 to set up an appointment today